Plank Exercise on Swiss Ball
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Learn training programs and exercises the proper way without hiring a trainer or using a book. Visuals through video are best.

What You Will Find Here At Exercise Workout Downloads

Specific exercise downloads for each body part.
Exercises for dynamic warm ups to properly prepare each muscle group for training.
How to use pin and plate loaded gym equipment. Instructions on the equipment do not tell you how to properly place your body or angles and movement
Instant download after purchase directly to your computer via email link.
Just stop guessing and start learning.
Maximize your efforts in the gym or at home.
Exercises for home and gym.

Medicine Ball Squat

Squat Performed With Medicine Ball Between The Knees

Exercises For The Gym Or Home

Walking into a gym can be intimidating if you are not a regular or want to spend half your day there. Many people have families, work and other obligations. This site is about learning exercises without having to go to the gym and workout routines and exercises for the gym.

So many people have never been trained properly on the science of exercise and have learned most of what they know from watching someone else do it wrong. I created this site to offer a multitude of exercises for all body parts and every body type.

If you go to the gym regularly the time spent there can be much more effective by training smarter and with intensity for faster results.

Band Kick Exercise

Band Kick Exercise For Increased Balance
Band Kick Exercise For Increased Balance